New natural inert polymer and ready-to-use coating system for fast aqueous film coating
saves up to 50% or more time.


LYCOAT® Key Benefits

LYCOAT® is made from modified starches

  • Natural origin, no solvent
  • More
natural origin

The origin of LYCOAT® polymers is natural, vegetal and renewable.

Obtained from the pea, the LYCOAT® manufacturing process uses water as the sole solvent.

LYCOAT® RS 720: medium viscosity grade.

LYCOAT® RS 780: low viscosity grade.

  • Superior organoleptic properties
  • More
 Test n°1Test n°2
Odour (n=15)20%80%7%93%
Taste (n=14)14%86%0%100%

Compared to synthetic or highly modified polymers, LYCOAT® has a pleasant neutral odour and taste.

  • Quick coating
  • More

 Quick coating

High solids content coating suspensions allow you to save up to 50% of coating time.

ReadiLYCOAT® Key Benefits

ReadiLYCOAT® coating systems are designed to facilitate your coating operations and composition can be adapted to each of your needs in compliance with regulations.

  • ReadiLYCOAT® improves the appearance of your tablets, capsules and granules.
  • ReadiLYCOAT® MS also provides protection against moisture.
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1 Pearlescent effect can be added. For more colours, contact us


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